White House STEM Education Summit June 25-26, 2018. White House, Washington D.C.

TechFarms CEO, Steve Millaway, represented Florida at an exclusive STEM Education event hosted by the White House on June 25th and 26th. Over 200 STEM Leaders from all 50 states, all five territories, and several tribes, attended this exclusive event to discuss the importance of STEM Education and developing a 5 year STEM Education Plan.

The Summit heard from speakers in an array of fields, most notably Ivanka Trump and Michael Krastios pictured above with their respective titles. Other speakers included officials from NASA and NSF. Key takeaways are cited as forging stronger connections for students between education and work, focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship, integrating computer science principles across the educational experience, and improving access of STEM programs for all Americans.

Attendees also participated in several “breakout sessions”, in which they communicated among themselves the impact of the previous STEM plan and collaborated future ideas on how to further develop and bring awareness to STEM throughout the country.

It was concluded that, in accordance with the America COMPETES Reauthorization Act of 2010, the 2018-2023 plan will be compromised of a culmination of the insights gained from all Federal Agencies, educators, and industry representatives in attendance. This plan will support Americans preparing for jobs of the future and advance innovative job training programs.

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