Clif Parker

CEO, REACH3D, Restore Robotics

Clif Parker is a successful entrepreneur in both the medical and tech fields. He is the CEO of Restore Robotics, a company that repairs and restores da Vinci surgical robots. He is also CEO of REACH3D which has developed a 3D endoscope platform that enables surgeons to utilize 3D visualization, without the added cost, complexity, and other challenges of dual lens 3D endoscopes. Clif is the former CEO of CityNet LLC, which was a leading provider of wired and wireless data in Panama City, Florida, and winner of Bay County’s Chamber of Commerce 2004 Entrepreneurial Award and IT Florida Excellence in IT leadership.

Clif is an active and life-long participant in local community organizations. He is a former board member of Florida’s Greater Northwest, a 16-county economic development organization and served on the Board of Directors for the Bay County Chamber of Commerce, as chairman of the Bay County Chamber’s Local and State Government Committee, and as chairman of the Bay County Chamber of Commerce Technology Committee.