Brent Skipper

Co-Founder, Jobeo

Brent Skipper likes to claim he coined the term “serial entrepreneur”. He is the CFO and co-founder of Jobeo, but also owns other ventures ranging from real estate to eCommerce. Brent is from Dothan, Alabama, and attended Brigham Young University (BYU), where he graduated in business management in 2004. His first job was with EBSCO Development in the Florida Panhandle, the development team for Alys Beach, but he spent most of his professional career in Utah working in real estate development, private equity, and operations management. He is active in his community with Rotary Club, church, and has served as chairman of the Planning Commission where he sat for three years.

Brent enjoys ideation and innovation, meeting new people, and helping others succeed. He takes pride in efficiency, practicality, and scalability, saying, “Smart work is hard work and will always pay off, even if not in the way you intended.”