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Dr. Dunnivant on Chaos Audio

Esteemed TechFarms mentor, Dr. Stephen Dunnivant gives his take on tech startup Chaos Audio's smart guitar pedal,...

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The Importance of MVPs for Startups

MVPs are the core of your idea boiled down to its bare essential elements. They can be...

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Chaos Audio Takes Home $10,000 in Business Innovation Contest at FSU

Chaos Audio, the audio tech startup sponsored by the incubation program here at TechFarms, has passed another...

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Teknika: Complete Software Solutions at Reasonable Rates

The goal of Teknika Corp. is simple – deliver affordable and scalable software and engineering services to...

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Chaos Audio Kickstarter for Stratus Guitar Pedal Going Strong

Musicians and technophiles rejoice! Each day we move closer to seeing the guitar pedal re-imagined becoming a...

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Chaos Audio Launches Kickstarter for Bluetooth Guitar Pedal

Imagine gaining access to a universe of audio possibilities with the press of just one switch. Soon...

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