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UPDATE: Secrets of the Universe, Revealed with SOLIDWORKS has been postponed

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Secrets of the Universe, Revealed* *with SOLIDWORKS! Paul Parise will present a variety of topics using SOLIDWORKS. There will be some useful tips & tricks. Also, a lot of interesting topics in Auto Racing Technology, Math, Science, Astronomy. During breaks, Paul will survey the audience and then present topics that are of highest interest to the people at the meeting. Mechanism Design (using SOLIDWORKS Sketch Blocks) Applications in Automotive Technology (suspension & steering) Engines (power and fuel efficiency) When to start in 2D, before going to 3D The Earth & Sun It depends on how you look at it Interesting topics in geometry Why are circles Round? What is Pi? Fractals Used in engineering, buildings Is this math, art or nature? To the Moon & Beyond with SOLIDWORKS NASA, SpaceX, others James Webb Space Telescope (fantastic improvement over the amazing Hubble Space Telescope) Paul Parise is a frequent and well-regarded presenter at SOLIDWORKS World, Regional SOLIDWORKS Summits, at Dassault Systèmes Meetings (SOLIDWORKS’ parent company), and many SOLIDWORKS User Groups in the Northeast. He has presented on SOLIDWORKS-related subjects including: “Mechanism Design with Sketch Blocks,” “Secrets of the Universe Revealed - Using SOLIDWORKS,” and other presentations covering design-related topics on the earth, moon and the seasons, astrology, why are circles round, fractals and how to make more efficient automobile engines. Paul is a mechanical engineer, specializing in design of laser, optic and nano-technology machines. He also has a strong interest in automotive and aerospace engineering. He has worked on designs for sports cars, race cars and suspension improvements, and also worked on the James Webb Space Telescope (replacement for the Hubble Telescope).

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